Lady's Island Statistics as of January 2017

SIZE: 13,356 acres

1980 – 3,094 persons living on Lady’s Island
1990 – 5,046 (decade growth rate of 63%)
2000 – 9,321 (decade growth rate of 85%)
2010 – 12,570 (decade growth rate of 36%)
2012 - 12,663 (Based on building permits)
2013 – 12,924 (Based on building permits)
2014 – 13,080 (Based on building permits)
2015 - 13,376 (Based on building permits)
2016 - 13,637 (Based on building permits)

For general information the City of Beaufort has a population of 13,389 residents and Beaufort County has 162,233 residents. Since 1997 66% of all residential development in northern Beaufort County has occurred in the Lady’s Island planning area.

Based on the 2010 census our island population is 81% white, 14% black, 5% Hispanic and 1% other.

In the Community Preservation Area (the residential area) the density is limited to a maximum of 2 houses per acre. At the present time we have 352 persons per square mile on the island compared to 719 per square mile on Port Royal Island (Beaufort and Port Royal) and 1,043 per square mile on Hilton Head Island. Sheldon, a rural area, in the northern part of the county has a density of only 37 persons per square mile. The northern part of Lady’s Island is zoned rural with an authorized density of 1 home per 3 acres.

In 2016 the average selling price of a home on Lady’s Island was $280,859 compared to the previous year ($279.113) for no increase in value from the preceding year. The average home bought on Lady’s Island in 2002 ($150,963) and sold this year would have experienced an 86% increase in value over the 14 year period.

Average gross household income for Lady’s Island (according to the Internal Revenue Service) is $78,916.

Lady’s Island is home to more than 531 businesses with an estimated gross income in excess of $152 million. The commercial area of the island (Village Center) serves in excess of 27,000 people.

Lady’s Island is privileged to have 4 public schools and 2 private schools in the community. From kindergarten through high school no child must travel more than 15 minutes to the school of their choice. Following is the capacity of each public school and the 2016/2017 day 45 enrollment.

School                                # of Students             Capacity
Beaufort High                     1,338                          1,595 (257 under)
Lady’s Island Middle             553                          1,088 (535 under)
Lady’s Island Elementary      325                          485 (160 under)
Coosa Elementary*               490                           576 (86 under)
* Coosa has an increased capacity (+ 100) as a result of the addition of modular classrooms for the 5th grade.

There are presently 5,410 homes on the island. To support the population growth (+ 4000 new residents) over the last decade the electrical capacity of the island has been tripled, a new bridge built, Sams Point Road and Lady’s Island Drive have been widened, a new park completed with a second one (Crystal Lake Park) under construction and a performing arts center has been built at the High School.