What is LIBPA? LIBPA is a state chartered, nonprofit community organization founded in 1981 to allow the residents and business owners of Lady's Island to have a voice in the direction of growth on their island and to protect its natural beauty.

LIBPA History: During the 27 years LIBPA has been in existence, it has served as the voice of Lady's Island regarding annexation, zoning, design and construction of Sam's Point Road and Highway 21, obtaining an EMS station on Lady's Island and the planning for future roads, parks and schools.

Who makes up LIBPA membership? LIBPA is comprised of Lady's Island businesses, schools, homeowner's associations and individual residents. Currently there are about 200 members. Our strength is in our numbers, so as the island grows, so too should our membership. In addition to the general membership, LIBPA has a board of directors. See the main page for a current listing of the board members.

Where and when are meetings held? LIBPA membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 8a.m. at Beaufort County Realtors Headquarters, 22 Kemmerlin Lane, Lady's Island. LIBPA's Board of Directors meet the fourth Wednesday of each month. Special meetings are held in the evenings for events such as political forums. All meetings are open to the public.

Why should I join LIBPA? LIBPA has several members who serve on various Beaufort County boards and are influential in guiding the county on issues that affect Lady's Island. LIBPA cooperates with all government and quasi-government entities to establish and achieve development standards, building codes, zoning, etc, to ensure orderly growth. When Lady's Island is faced with an issue, such as annexation, LIBPA is the voice of the people and plays an active role in achieving the majority's objectives. As with all organizations, there is strength in numbers when facing tough issues.

What benefits will I receive? In addition to having a voice in matters concerning Lady's Island. LIBPA holds monthly membership meetings. Each meeting features a speaker, ranging from political candidates to historians. Speakers from the past include our State Representative, County Councilman, Superintendent of Schools, Mayor of Beaufort and the County Administrator. In addition to the monthly meeting, LIBPA sponsors an annual Oyster Roast each December at no cost to members.

How much does it cost to join? LIBPA dues are $45 annually. Please visit our join LIBPA page for a membership application.