Special Interest Items:
September 13 LIBPA Meeting:
On the November general election ballot Beaufort County voters will be requested to consider a 1% sales tax for the purpose of funding a variety of capital improvements for the Beaufort County School District. These improvements include maintenance and improvement of the infrastructure of existing schools, additions for some of the existing schools and construction of new schools. This tax is proposed to remain in effect for 10 years and collect an estimated $313 million. In an effort to provide a balanced viewpoint for the voters to better evaluate both the positive and negative aspects of the proposed tax LIBPA will sponsor an informational forum on the tax at its September meeting.  more info!

Please consider checking it out (here) and sharing your thoughts on this latest effort to promote our community along with any feedback on the listed articles.

Local Real Estate Market Trends:
To get at a glance how this year's local residential real estate market is faring in comparison to the past two years (visit here). Updated 15 August.

August Newsletter: This month’s newsletter, among other things, includes an article by Paul Butare, LIBPA Transportation Representative, on the history and current status of a Lady's Island northern bypass along with other transportation issues, Realtor Cherimie Crane Weatherford provides an update on future plans for development of the Somerset community, a review of the impact of homebuilder D. R. Horton's arrival on Lady's Island, a report on crime and Lady's Island, a review of the midyear picture of new home building along with a check of how many new homes are in the pipeline and Everett Ballenger discusses how this year's local real estate market is comparing with the the past year and a review of what is in the new housing pipeline is provided. Read here.

If you live on Lady’s Island, work on Lady’s Island or have an interest in the future of Lady’s Island, please consider becoming a member of LIBPA. Your new members fee ($45) covers your dues for the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017.  For more details visit here.

New 2016 Members:
Richard and Amy Pollitzer with Tallboy Fishing Charter, Gregory R. Campbell, DMD, Jason Hincher with Mitchell Brothers Inc., Beaufort County Open Land Trust Attn: Cindy Baysden, Sandy & Ed Stephan, residents, Mark and Pamela Flasch, David Striebinger, District 2 School Board Representative, Will & Ginger Wareham with Picklejuice Productions, Charles Newton Jr, resident, Paula Verity, Verity Investment Partners, Michael Ruthsatz with Adams Outdoor Advertising

Crystal Lake:
View the latest status of the Crystal Lake Park Project. The South Carolina Forestry Commission, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and Beaufort County have developed a Community Forestry Management Plan as part of the long range development of Crystal Lake as a passive park. The draft of this plan is available for review.  here

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